Oversight on African Mythology

Slingshot Studios, a partner of Microgaming, has released a new African-themed slot machine called African Legends. There’s just one reason to give this one a go, despite the fact that it has a lot of similar trappings. It’s the Wow Major Jackpot, and it starts at $/€50,000 and keeps growing until some lucky player wins it. Let’s have a look at the game’s features to see how you can actually win.

The players begin the game atop a mountain range, overlooking the African continent. A lush valley with of grasses, trees, rivers, and impending rain can be seen behind the 5-reel, 243-win-ways gaming area. It’s a great location, and it’s a little different from what other gamers in this region get when they spin the wheel. There are no day-to-night transitions or mentions of any animals. However, there is a recognizable score, a repetitive drum beat that serves its purpose without drawing too much attention to itself.

Bets on African Legends range from 25 cents to $25 each spin, and the game is available on all devices. The high hit rate of 37.16% implies that players can expect to win frequently at lower and medium stakes as they spin for the big payout. The 94.92% RTP isn’t great, but it’s not terrible, either, especially for a progressive jackpot game. After a time, the account value and your anticipation of the Wow Major seem to be working against you thanks to the mild volatility.

The overall feel of the reels is like Gonzo’s Quest. The regulars consist of symbols etched deeply into thick rock, with four paying out less than five. The suits of cards—diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades—are all made of heavy stone and have little value. Warthogs, hippos, rhinos, elephants, and lions are just few of the high-paying animals found in the African countryside. Slingshot’s presentation of the animals is intriguing, akin to the classic black and white portraits of celebrities. A payoff of 3.2 to 6 times the bet is available for a run of five consecutive premiums.

Five of a kind of the golden statue wilds is worth 10 times the wager. On the third reel, you can get stacked Wilds, which can replace regular game icons.

African Mythology: Key Elements

African Legends has a lot of content that keeps the game interesting and engaging. Don’t hold your breath for originality; these have all been seen before, albeit in different guises. You may expect to see the Rolling Reels feature that is exclusive to Microgaming, as well as Wild Blasts, Multiplier Trails, Free Spins, and the Progressive Jackpot Bonus.

During normal play, the Wild Blast bonus round can occur at any time. If activated, up to five spaces will become wild. While in or after a Rolling Reels bonus round, the Wild Blast will not activate.

Each win in the main game or bonus game activates Rolling Reels. The holes left by the eliminated winning symbols are filled by fresh symbols. With this strategy, it is possible to get many winning combinations from a single spin. With each successive victory, the Multiplier Trail grows. When a sequence begins with a 2, the subsequent rolls each reward a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 10 times multiplier.

In addition, if you get 4 or more rolls, you’ll receive free spins with a fixed multiplier (it won’t rise as you play). Number of rolls determines precise reward:

With 4 rolls, you get 12 free games and a 5x multiplier.

If you roll a 5, you’ll get 15 free games and a 6x multiplier.

With 6 rolls, you get 18 free games and a multiplier of 8x.

20 free games and a 10x multiplier after 7 rolls.

If a player rolls an 8 on the first time, they win the progressive jackpot. Remember, high rollers, the more you wager, the more likely you are to win the jackpot.

the verdict on African folktales

Combining Rolling Reels with Multipliers creates playable moments in African Legends. However, the Wow Major Jackpot is what really draws people in. When the possibility of winning €50,000+ on any spin is taken out of the equation, the results are less than encouraging. The return to player percentage is modest, however it’s not terrible. The odds of winning something less than the jackpot are also very high. If you miss the Wow Major, your best case scenario is a return of 1,200 times your initial investment. Compared to its close relative Jungle Jim, it is a drastic reduction in features.

However, what about those who just play to win the jackpot? If you’re fine with everything being said and done, then why not. African Legends is visually appealing, and the mix of Rolling Reels and Multiplier Trails is a tried-and-true gameplay mechanic at this time. True, outer attractiveness only goes so far, but it helps. Even if your cash slowly depletes on the pursuit, the hit frequency is high enough to keep you buoyant for a long. There’s always the Wild Blast to pick up random victories here and there, but it’s not nearly enough to halt the overall decline.

Overall, African Legends is a pretty game with some frustrating gameplay. There aren’t many reasons to brave the African sun unless you’ve made it your life’s work to find the Wow Major Jackpot no matter what.

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