Review of the Slot Game “Jungle Jamboree”

Jungle Jamboree is an exclusive to Unibet/Kindred and was developed by software developer Relax Gaming. To quote Guns N’ Roses frontman Axel Rose: “Welcome to the tropical rainforest.” Oh, jungles may be perilous places, what with all the venomous animals and the risk of trench foot. You might be excused for preparing for a beating, what with that risk plus Relax Gaming’s deserved reputation for creating some of the world’s largest slots. Jungle Jamboree may not be the deadly weapon many may think, but Relax Gaming is also capable of throwing a few curveballs here and there.

At first, everything is wonderful as the player is immersed in a lush, verdant jungle setting. As soon as I started playing Jungle Jamboree, I noticed that it lacked the instant immersion of many other slots by Relax Gaming. You can select any one of the studio’s hits, such as Money Train 3, Dead Man’s Trail, or any of the others. The Jungle Jamboree is in a class all its own. The game’s simplistic, grounded aesthetic means it’s more likely to appeal to casual gamers than to those who fancy themselves Marquis de Sade-style extremists.

All the action in Jungle Jamboree takes place over 5 reels and 3 rows, with the highest payouts coming from either full blocks of the two high-pay symbols or from a split between them. The return to player percentage is 94.0%, the volatility is medium-high (ranked 4 out of 5), and the betting range is 10 p/c to £/€100 each game round, with support across tablets, mobile devices, and desktop computers.

All symbols may form winning combinations of up to five of a kind over the game’s 20 fixed paylines, while the two highest premiums can exceed 10 symbols in length with to their splitting and doubling powers. The lowest paying combination is a line of five gem pieces, which pays out 2 times the wager, while a line of five lizards, parrots, elephants, or tigers pays out 4 times the wager. A 10-of-a-kind win pays 50 times the wager, although tigers and elephants can also appear as Split symbols, counting for 2. The beautiful pink flower is the wild symbol, and it shows up on every reel bar the first one. When calculating payouts, the wild can stand in for any other pay icon.

Playing the Slot Game, “Jungle Jamboree”

However, Relax Gaming hasn’t exactly gone nuts with slot invention in Jungle Jamboree. However, the combination of free spins with a win multiplier, stacked tiger and elephant symbols, and a jackpot feature is plenty to keep players interested. Keep in mind that the Dream Drop jackpot is not comparable to the others.

Bonus Turns

Scatter symbols can appear on any reel. If there are 3, 4, or 5 of them visible, the player will receive 8, 12, or 18 free spins. Tiger and elephant symbols are split and stacked during free spins, and all wins are increased by 3. The free spins bonus round may be won for free, or it can be purchased for 60 times the initial wager.


In conclusion, the Wheel Bonus is a potential outcome while playing Jungle Jamboree. When this occurs, the player is certain of winning either the Rapid Jackpot (worth 10x the wager), the Minor Jackpot (20x the bet), the Midi Jackpot (for 100x the bet), or the Mega Jackpot (worth 200x the stake). These jackpots increase in value regardless of the amount wagered.

Slot Evaluation: Jungle Jamboree

Okay, so Jungle Jamboree wasn’t terrible. Not every slot machine can be a world-dominating machine that takes gamblers to the moon and back with a side of brutality and leaves them grinning like the Joker forever.

Jungle Jamboree is hardly the studio’s best piece of work, but neither is it the slot machine equivalent of being lost in the woods, getting caught in a swamp, and then being attacked by fifty million fire ants. It’s true that it’s not the typical high-volatility, high-potential Relax Gaming fare, but it’s likely designed for a very different audience.

Since the requirements for playing Jungle Jamboree are lower than those of other Relax Gaming slots, this game might serve as an entry point for new players or as a pleasant alternative for those who want a more laid-back experience. Potential is exactly 5,016 times the investment, thus respectable payouts are possible. Given that the modest jackpots have next to no chance of reaching the maximum win, it is up to the stacked Split symbols to make up the difference.

There just isn’t enough time for them all to be Triple-A movies, and Jungle Jamboree isn’t even close. It seems quite at home next to other Relax Gaming games like Blender Blitz and Deep Descent. Not horrible games on their own, but they seem out of place when compared to Relax Gaming’s blockbusters.

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